Sage’s greatest hits

Yesterday was my son Sage’s first official snow day; although the rest of the school kids just had a delay, for some reason, the afternoon 4K classes were canceled, so he was home all day. Since the snow quickly lost its novelty (he made about three forays into it over the course of the day, none longer than 15 minutes), he spent the rest of the time being quite the demanding little despot. Between that and the loss of my internet service most of the day, the Muse was notably absent. Now that it’s Tuesday, Sage has gone off to school, and the internet is back (for the moment, anyway), I want to write a quick list of Sage’s highlights before I forget them:

1) Sage watched a collection of old-timey Disney cartoons I’d found at the local library. During one which involved a shark chasing a penguin, he squirmed all over, hands clapped over his mouth, eyes round, emitting shrill sounds that were somewhere between a peep and a squeal. I was worried I’d traumatized him by letting him watch this cartoon and asked him if he wanted me to stop the video. “NO!” he replied vehemently, “I want to see how it ENDS!” (Of course, it ended happily, with the penguin reunited with his lady-penguin love, so I’m hoping any emotional scars he incurred from this experience aren’t TOO deep.)

2) He went out this morning with a yardstick and scampered back in exclaiming, “Twenty-one!” I thought he meant the temperature for a moment, but he meant the snow measurement. He’d plunged the stick in and tried to read it upside down, somehow converting 10 inches to 21 in the process. The revelation of the actual number did nothing to decrease his enthusiasm, however.

3) His potty literacy is going up significantly. (When I was pregnant with him, one of my cousins had been enthusiastic about “Your Baby Can Read.” I’d been excited too until I saw how much the books cost. Still, I figured I’d better advance him in this world, so I created the “Your baby will make do with word cards made from construction paper and catalogue clippings” version. The cards gathered dust for several years until, desperate to make the experience of sitting in the bathroom while he learned to poop on the toilet have some redeeming qualities, I began practicing the word cards with him.) Now, he’s mastered more than half of them and just needs one hint each to figure out the rest. If he ever wins a prestigious literary award, I hope he’ll appreciate the crucial role of the potty cards in his writing career.

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