The last couple of days have been gray–both figuratively and literally–and produced nothing Muse-inducing. Today, however, I have a fresh new piece of evidence for karma’s existence. In a book I recently read, Does This Church Make Me Look Fat? by Rhoda Janzen (great book, by the way–I highly recommend it), the author talks about how she and her husband decided to begin tithing to charity as an element of their religious faith. She’d been anxious about the financial impact, but she wrote about how no matter how much they gave, somehow they always received enough money to live on, often from unexpected sources. Well, my experience has just borne hers out: Yesterday, I donated $100 to Heifer International even though that’s a big chunk of our weekly income, and today, I was called in to be a substitute teacher at the high school. I hadn’t been called for a long time since I’d just been subbing for pre-planned absences; since my son Sage is only in school for half a day four days a week, subbing involves making arrangements for child care and transportation for him. However, today my husband happened to be home because he works Saturday–unusual because generally Thursday is his day off when he works Saturdays–so I was able to go in when the secretary called me. This unexpected employment earns me–TA DA!–$100!! Exactly as much as I donated yesterday. Less, of course, when you factor in taxes, but I worked three hours at the library tonight, so my donation is more than covered. I know that logic would say it’s just a coincidence and that statistics could be generated to prove that such an occurrence is unremarkable, but I can’t help believing in SOME kind of spiritual force. No matter what you call it–God/Karma/The Secret, etc.–I really believe there’s more to the universe than the observable.


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