How to name your turtle

This story isn’t particularly beautiful, but it WAS unexpected… My four year old son Sage got a new toy turtle from my mother. I asked him what he’d named it, and he replied, “Ria.” (Or at least that’s how I ASSUMED it was spelled.) I thought the name surprisingly beautiful for a plastic turtle, but I thought he’d maybe gotten it from a fairy tale or some other fanciful story. I asked him how he came up with the name, and he told me, “From DIARRHEA!” (In his defense, he HAD had it the previous week and it IS a surprisingly mellifluous word for something so disgusting.) I’ll never look at that turtle again without thinking of digestive issues, though…


  1. That makes me laugh! I love how kids come up with stuff like that.

  2. I will consider this entry when naming any future offspring…

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