Inspiration for this blog

I’m finally starting the blog I’ve been meaning to start for ages.  As a former English teacher turned library aide/freelance writer, I’ve been mulling over my topic. There’s a lot I’d like to say–eventually–but for now, my primary goal is to to share the moments of unexpected beauty that shimmer briefly against the gray backdrop of ordinary days. I can’t even say how many of these moments have filled my heart and made me feel the magic in mundanity; I’d always been too busy to write them down, thinking, “Of COURSE I’ll remember this!” Then I’d realize too late I had nothing beyond the vague impression there was something I wanted to remember, and I’d know the moments were gone forever. A turning point in this pattern came last summer, when I was fascinated by the pink petunias that leapt from tiny cracks in a soulless city sidewalk. (They were the scions of lush flower baskets hanging over storefronts, and they flourished on the ground long after the withered parents had been hauled away.) They were pretty enough in their own right, but they were profound symbols as well. There’s enough despair in the world; I want to understand why life continues despite it. These petunias explained a lot. It’s not just that life can thrive in barren concrete places; it’s that city workers with bottles of herbicide had left the flowers to grow, and pedestrians had cared enough to step around them. No matter how much of the world is paved over, there’s still a quiet collective nurturing of delicate rebel flowers. I never want to forget the image of the petunias or the lesson it imparts. Since then, I’ve been carrying notebooks and trying to jot down as many impressions as I can. Now I’m taking this project to the next level: I’m hoping that if I can maintain a blog and share my notes with others, I’ll be motivated to record and appreciate all the lovely things I’d otherwise forget. That way, when I look back at my life, I’ll see a trail of distinctly shining jewels leading through the foggy past.


  1. Where one person might say, “Oh look at those pretty flowers.” you see meaning in their entire existence. I love this about you. I’m looking forward to reading more posts.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    The Warren-Morrissey Family is together for the holidays and we are checking out your blog! It looks great! 🙂
    Hope you had a great holiday season….!
    Amy (Curt, Melissa, Matt, Emme, Don, Sue)

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